Hi there! My name is Sakshi Samtani and I am a writer. I have two writing services I offer - one is content writing and the other is creative writing. 

I write content for brands and companies that is informational, representative and reflective of their ethos. I ensure the writing is clean, crisp and SEO friendly. Creative writing is an outlet for me and I pitch my work to various literary magazines and online publications.


Writing is a passion and if this is something you think I can help you with, feel free to reach out to me.


My Services.


I take care of writing content for your needs - be it personal or business.

This includes research, writing and SEO proofing the final piece.



I will read and correct a piece of work that you have written and give inputs where I think there's room for improvement.




If you are looking for a co-writer to help you realise an article, a story, a script or any form of writing, then know this - I am interested in talking!

Scripts + Stories

This works if you are an author or a script writer or a script writing company or a production house with tons of scripts but is not limited to this. Not enough time or resources to work on improving the piece of art in front of you? I might be able to help here.



Peora, Uttarakhand – An Oasis of Calm

In the fast paced world that we live in today, having the time to do absolutely nothing and just be is a true luxury. For people who are in search of this rare luxury, Peora is the perfect destination. Here, you can celebrate the bare essentials – an extraordinarily stunning landscape, an abundance of greenery and spectacular, ethereal views of the Himalayas. What more could you ask for?



Let's Talk.

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