About me.


If you are on this page, it will be for a couple of reasons. You require content writing for your brand, business, product or service.

I have submitted my creative work to your publication or literary magazine. Either way, welcome! Feel free to check out my website to see what I can do for you. 

In the mean time here is all you need to know about me. I hold two degrees. One in Psychology and one in Law. I stumbled into content writing by accident through a friend who offered me an opportunity to write blogs and articles for his clients.

I have been working with a digital communications company called Amber Communications Labs for the last few years. I am a founder of a website called Lemon Retreat which is catered to people who love reading, eating and traveling. 

When it comes to my services, know this - content writing is a skill and creative writing is a passion. When it comes to my style of working - I am detail oriented and research oriented. My style of writing is clean,crisp, and coherent. 

My aim with content writing is to deliver a piece of writing that will send a clear message that your brand, business, product or service wants the target audience to know. 

My goal with creative writing is to just keep improving on my ability to tell a story be it poetry, short stories and fiction. I don't have just one style and it is not in my interest to restrict my passion to just one medium.

So why work with me? 

I can adapt my voice to yours and make it stronger. If you are someone who is caught in the throes of running a business, you want to be focused on delivering the best service and product there is. This is where I am more than happy to step in.

Let's Talk.

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