Book vs Movie: Crazy Rich Asians

A comparison is drawn between the Crazy Rich Asian book and movie with regards to plot, character arc and storyline. 


The Curious Reader


Ode to Books and Writing.jpeg

An Ode To Books and Writing

I have a strong and unbreakable bond with reading and writing. This piece tells you why. 

The Writing Cooperative


Anonymous in London

Everything my mother and I did in London when we decided to take an incognito/ clandestine trip. 


Lemon Retreat


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Musings of A Writer

Publication: The Writing Cooperative

In case it wasn't already clear, I am a writer who loves writing and I have many thoughts on it. 


Ali Ud-Din And The Magic Car(pet)

Publication: The Curious Reader

Rap, poetry and storytelling with a twist. This is a retelling of an old classic. A personal favourite because these creative bursts are the best. 

Book Love Sakshi Samtani.gif

To All The Books I've Loved Before

Publication: Lemon Retreat

A walk down memory lane to a time when going to the library to borrow a book was the highlight of a bookworms life. A love letter to some books that made my childhood so enjoyable. 

WHAT People SAY...

Sakshi Samtani has a keen understanding of Aria + Leya’s brand voice and she’s been able to create content across multiple platforms and talk to our customers in a tone that’s truly authentic and consistent. We are now at a point where I don’t even need to approve posts and this level of delegation saves me a lot of time and mind-space. I would highly recommend working with Sakshi for content creation and customer engagement. 

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