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How My Freelance Writer Services Can Help You

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Writing Essentials: A book to make notes, a cup of coffee and my laptop.

Hi there! My name is Sakshi Samtani and I am a freelance writer. This is the first blog post ever on my brand new freelance writer website www.sakshisamtaniwrites.com - so if you are reading this, know how grateful I am that you took the time out to learn what I am all about and how I could possibly help you.

So let’s talk about what I do. I write for a living. I am passionate about words and the underlying message in those words. My love for reading ensures I am able to take on any writing project thanks to my extensive vocabulary knowledge and an appreciation for good grammar that only gets better comes from my time spent with books. I honestly believe that if you are not a reader, or worse you do not like reading, then you cannot be a good writer.

As a writer, these are content writing services I currently offer – blogs and articles, proofreading and editing, collaborative writing or as I like to call it collabowrite’ and scripts+stories. All of these services and what they entail have been explained on the services page of my website. If you have a writing project or writing query that goes beyond these services, send me an email so that we can talk more! It’s likely that if you are on this page, you already know what you are looking for. But, I am going to talk about why I am a valuable asset to you and what you will get out of it. Let us put the focus back on you for a minute – grab a pen and paper because you have some thinking to do.

Who are you and what do you do?

Do you run an established business or a start up? Are you thinking about starting a business? Are you looking to grow your personal brand? Are you selling a service or a product?

What is it that you are currently doing to make your presence felt in the digital space?

Do you have the time or inclination to actively write about whatever it is you are trying to expose to readers of the Internet?

Is your website getting enough traffic? If your answer to this question is no, then two things are happening here – you do not have time to grow this traffic and/or you are not actively marketing your website. Marketing is essential to be seen online. Digital marketing helps your website get the recognition it needs to keep increasing sales or growing the number of visitors who come to your website in the search of information or knowledge. When there is sufficient content on your website, people are more likely to spend time on your website – and through reading simple yet reliable content, they are more than likely to be invested in buying a product, availing of a service or just simply because the blogs add value to them by providing information that is useful to them.

But, effective marketing can only come into play, if you have something worthwhile to market. This is where content writing comes in. When you regularly write blogs and articles, you are giving the marketers a digital product that can be disseminated all over the Internet through the use of social media marketing both organic and paid. Through online marketing, the blogs and articles are targeted to people who are looking for the very thing that you and your business offers. So it is really important that your blogs and articles show the value or the impact that your business, product or service can have if purchased. Content writing allows you to build a longstanding relationship with a customer. Because the more they get invested, the more they are going to trust you as an authority. This will ensure that they actively avail of whatever it is you offer, and they are more likely to spread awareness to friends and family about your business, product, or service. In order to see a sizeable difference in website traffic, you need to commit to writing at least one blog a week. This is perfect if you are a solopreneur or a small business. If you are a mid-sized company or a large company, then try for four to six blogs. And if you own a blog, then you need several articles a month to keep your readers coming back for fresh, valuable content. Now back to me. Writing is tedious and at times may even borderline on being boring. When you are so busy working on growing your business, making the time to write about your business may not be a top priority. But writing is my job and my passion. So I make it MY top priority.

Why work with me you ask?

Here is my value proposition – I can adapt my voice to yours and make it stronger. If you are someone who is caught in the throes of running a business, you want to be focused on delivering the best service and product there is. While you are doing what you do best, let me do what I do best – which is write good content that serves to explain and engage your target audience and in turn grow your traffic steadily and surely over a period of time. This is what I need from you

- A set time to communicate. This can be once a week, or once a month.

- A list of topics to be decided before hand. We can have an excel sheet or a google document listing out topics we both deem valuable content.

- Answers to a list of questions I will send to you. Remember, you only have to answer it once so put as much detail as you can so that I can give you best results.

- A timetable of when the agreed topics are to be written by me, then approved by you and then finally uploaded on to the website.

This is what you will get from me

– A well thought out and well written piece of content.

– Suggestions of topics that would complement your website.

– The content piece will be optimized so that its discoverability is high and that the people who read it are the very people you want to reach.

– Good grammar and easy readability.

– Time! A LOT more time to focus on your business or brand.

As can be seen from the above points, there are several reasons why freelance writing can help you live a better life. So if you are ready to take the next step then you can reach out to me by clicking on the contact button or chat pop-up both of which will direct your questions straight to my inbox. ☺

I leave you with this quote from Ann Hanley – “Good content isn’t about good storytelling. It is about telling a true story well. “

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