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Why Blogs Are Important For Business

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

A big part of my job as a content and SEO writer is to keep doing research and scrutinizing blogs and articles posted on the company blog section, brand pages, e-commerce sites, digital magazines, etc. Basically, any part of the online space where copy, blogs, and articles are used to build leads and convert interested visitors into customers. I like to make notes and see what is the turning point that makes a nameless visitor into someone who is eager to make a purchase or leave a digital breadcrumb (e-mail).

Words are powerful. They can have a positive effect or a negative effect on readers. Obviously, businesses and brands want to ensure that their words convince people to buy something from them or at the very least interest them into leaving their email address leaving a line of communication open between the brand and the person. E-mailers can then be sent every once in a while informing or educating that person about a new line of products, or discounts or a clearing out sale or general information on what the company is up to.

So below, I have listed why having blogs on your website is such an important part of building your business brand presence in the online space.

Blogs and Search Engine Optimization goes hand in hand – SEO, as it is more commonly called, is very necessary for your blog to thrive. Imagine, at this moment, thousands if not millions, of new businesses are being launched in the online space every minute. How does your small business stand out when those competing businesses are taking up digital real estate? Well, you need to occupy some of that digital real estate for your business.

When you write a blog on a regular basis you are giving all the big search engines – think Google, Bing, Yahoo, and even Pinterest, brand new content to index on their search pages. The more fresh and relevant information you write, the higher you rank on the index. And there are specific keywords that are highly relevant to your line of work or business and when you put those keywords into your blogs, you are improving the discoverability of the blog.

This further ensures that your business will also have higher chances of discoverability. 

Your ideal customer should be asking certain questions of the search engine and your business should very well have an authoritative and informational answer to those questions. Your customer’s questions are the keywords you want to be adding to blogs.

Blogs allow you to build relationships with new customers and develop better relationships with existing customers – How do you know if your business is doing well in the digital space? You have to look at customer engagement. This is an important indicator of whether all the online marketing and branding exercises are working.

When you start writing blogs, you are establishing a voice, one that is interested in interacting with customers through conversation. Over time, readers who spend time on your blogs will begin the trust the voice that is speaking to them especially when the blogs are answering their concerns and providing informational and relevant content.

Another benefit of blogging is the comments that follow. Having a section for customers to comment is a great way to listen to their questions and concern as this provides you great fodder to write content catered specifically to their requests. And if you are a business or a brand that takes care to reply to those comments – you will come to find that your timely response will go a long way with your customers enabling them to trust you and allowing you to build a relationship with them.

Blogging enables you to position your business as a leader of the industry – Customers and potential customers will appreciate having a go-to source for credible and relevant information. The knowledge you share will make your target audience look to you as an authority figure in whatever niche your business is based in. Writing blogs on a regular basis leaves the line of communication accessible to visitors of your digital website. This, in turn, will lead to more queries and high conversion rates. Every time you write a blog, there is some activity going on in the front-end and you will definitely see a lot more leads converting into clients.

Blogging helps to build a connection between readers and your business/brand – A very important aspect of having your business in an online space is digital marketing. Having a blog gives you something useful to market. Marketing + blogging helps build brand awareness. You increase brand awareness when you give readers behind the scenes access to your business.

 Blogging gives your business a voice, a personality and if this is an appealing voice then your readers/future customers will get behind it. People will be able to understand the corporate standards of your company, the values your business intends to uphold, how they plan to uphold those values, what is the vision that the business has and how does it plan on getting there?

You can let people learn more about key players of the company.  About the founders, the employees, and the team spirit. All of this counts for something and will surely attract like-minded customers to invest time and money on your business.  Of course, you can keep running ads to drive traffic to your website but valuable information on your blogs is the only way to interest people in staying.

A good blog is highly likely to be shared by people – A good blog is a digital asset. It should have information that makes the readers think, “Oh, I did not know about this. And if I don’t know about this then perhaps my social network comprising of family, friends, peers, and colleagues would appreciate this information.” This is what should be running through their heads when reading your blog, making them hit the share button.

It allows for more exposure for the brand when the blog gets circulated on channels like Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Whatsapp. This will increase traffic and exposure to your website for free. So always think before writing, what is the key takeaway of this blog piece? It should be something refreshing that convinces people to share away. Remember everyone wants to be the first to share fresh news, so give them the opportunity to do so.

As can be seen above, there are so many powerful benefits to writing a blog for your brand/business/ organisation. So many valid points on why blogs are important for business. Blogging is an inexpensive way to drive traffic to your business website. It is the new normal and companies that don’t have blogs are losing out in a big way. If you want to gain more exposure in the online space as well as position yourself or your business as an industry expert then you need to turn to blogging.

It is only natural for you to have second thoughts about blogging for your business because if you spend time on blogs then who will run the business? If this is what your concern is then you should definitely outsource your blog writing to a digital marketing agency or to a freelance writer both of whom have the know-how on writing relevant content and using the right keywords to gain visibility from the target audience.

As a freelance writer, this is where I am happy to help you. I can take the headache of your already full plate and deliver complete and SEO optimized blogs to you at an agreed time and date. 

My pitch to you is this – I will write words that make your product or service offering resonate with the reader. You can be an individual, a business or an organization - and we will find a way to work in tandem. Good writing speaks volumes about you as a person, your business or service so let's make sure we put our very best foot forward, together. 

I will research my topics then, get writing. I will ensure that the blog or article is SEO friendly and if there are sources or references that are relevant they will be back-linked. 

To get the ball rolling, start a conversation with me through my website chat button right away. Look forward to hearing from you. :) As we wind up, consider this - every month, you should be putting out at least four blogs a month. That is one, every week. By the end of the year, you should have 48 blogs on your website. Yes, that is A LOT. But think about the amazing traffic you will be getting to your business. So book an appointment with me and I promise you will see some positive traction after I have written the first 10-15 blogs. 

To learn how my freelance writing service can make your life better - give this piece a read - https://www.sakshisamtaniwrites.com/post/how-freelance-writer-services-help-live-life-better ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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