I will write words that make your product or service offering resonate with the reader. You can be an individual, a business or an organisation - and we will find a way to work in tandem. Good writing speaks volumes about you as a person, your business or service so let's make sure we put our very best foot forward, together.


I will research my topics, then get writing. Then I will ensure that the blog or article is SEO friendly and if there are sources or references that are relevant they will be back linked.

This service applies to blogs, articles, manuscripts for books, TV and film. If you don't have time to correct the written pieces done by you or an employee - I will check and correct it for spelling errors, incorrect sentences, broken paragraphs and just about anything that interferes with your messaging and flow.


The end goal is if you have something to say, anyone and everyone should understand the underlying message and tone in the words.


Some of the best stories have been birthed by two writers working collaboratively. So if you are thinking of taking the path of 'collabowriting' then let's have a chat. From ideation and brainstorming, to conceptualising a good story to tell, how to begin and end. Talk to me. We might just be a perfect match.


Are you a script writing company or a big production house with tons of scripts? Do you find a lot of inconsistencies or gaps in the plot that need fixing ASAP? Are you coming up short with new ideas to make the story work? Are the brainstorm sessions futile? What you need is a new set of eyes and perspective. I can assist here!

Why me? I have read a million books and watched tons of television and films. I have a very high reading speed and an eye for detail which can be advantageous to you especially if you have only a few days to get a novel ready for publishing or a script ready for filming.






You reach out with your questions or a brief with what you need from me, via email. 




When I finish a project - I will be proofreading, editing, SEO proofing, back linking so that all that is left to do is press publish! 


I prefer communications over email - simply as there is more accountability and the chain of emails serve as an easy reference in case I need to look back for more information when writing for you. And while it is easier to discuss on the phone, you taking the time and effort to write to me allows for you to streamline your thoughts and give me a clear understanding of what you want. The more details, the better.  



I will send you a list of questions and things I need from you to understand the requirements of the writing project. This will include specific questions as well as a request for your company/ product/service/ brand information and a few reference articles that clearly indicate what you are looking for.



I will send you a draft to read - and when you are satisfied it is ready, arrangements can be made for this to go live online. Who publishes the blog has to be decided at the start of the project. I am happy to save you the hassle and do it myself though this will be factored into the cost of the project. 




Writing blogs, articles are looked down up on as tedious and boring so allow me to take that headache off your shoulders so that you can focus on running your business:) 



If this is something I can take on - we will then define the scope of work like how many blogs/ articles you need, the word count, when ideally they should be ready, if I am going to be sending you one a week or a few in one go.  Once we have an agreement on work, timelines and expectations in place we talk about payment. 


With regards to pay - I would appreciate an advance pay equivalent to the cost of the first blog. And then the rest of the amount when the project is complete. If this is a one time project  - then dates have to be agreed on. If this is a recurring project we can agree on a retainer where every month after the required articles are ready, you can pay me. Although if this a retainer project I would appreciate the first month's pay in advance. 





 If I sound like your cup of tea, you are very welcome to email me and I will be happy to help you to to best of my abilities.


Let's Talk.

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